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Terms and conditions

Your cat(s) must have had their annual vaccinations/boosters for cat flu and feline enteritis at least 14 days before arrival. If you have had to restart vaccinations it will take approximately 6 weeks for them to be covered. You must bring your cat's vaccination card with you on arrival.

Your cat(s) must have been recently treated for fleas, ticks and worms with a VETERINARY APPROVED PRODUCT (NOT FROM THE SUPERMARKET). Cat(s) should be treated regularly for these but at least 7 days before arrival. If your cat is found to have fleas, ticks or worms whilst staying with us then we will inform you and your cat will be treated under the supervision of our vets (Bishopton Veterinary Group, Ripon) and any cost incurred will be payable by you when you collect your cat.

If you are bringing your own food, please ensure there is enough for the length of your cat(s) stay.

Medication will be administered free of charge, please ensure dosage instructions are clear and you provide enough medication for your cat(s) length of stay.

Admission will be refused if your cat(s) looks ill upon arrival.

If your cat(s) shows signs of illness during their stay, we will contact you or your emergency contact immediately to discuss the situation. If we feel it is necessary we will take your cat to your vet, if your vet is within a reasonable radius, otherwise our own vet (Bishopton Veterinary Group, Ripon) will be used and the cost of any treatment will be payable by you when you collect your cat. 

In the unlikely event of the death of your cat whilst staying with us, we will arrange for storage at our vets until we are able to contact you to discuss your wishes.

Cat(s) boarding with us are at the sole risk of their owners and whilst every care will be taken, we cannot be liable for illness, injury or death of any animal in our care.

We do not accept male cats over the age of 6 months that haven't been neutered.

Our opening times are flexible to suit you but are strictly by appointment. Drop off and collection times will be agreed at time of booking. If you need to make any changes to the agreed dates and times you must let us know as soon as possible as other bookings may be affected.

Your cat(s) must arrive and depart in a secure cat carrier. We will not be responsible if your cat(s) escapes from an unsecure carrier on arrival or collection. We require cat carriers to be left with us during your cat's stay.

If cats from the same household are sharing a chalet, behaviour will be monitored and if it is felt necessary due to stress/aggression, cats may be separated.

We recommend bringing your cat's bed, toys, a favourite scratching post and feel free to bring their brush (if your cat enjoys being brushed!). Collars must be removed before arrival.

Payment is due on collection of your cat. We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Unfortunately we will assume that any cat not collected within 10 days of the agreed departure date has been abandoned. In this case we will be entitled to recover all costs arising from the extended stay and ultimately, to re-home the cat(s).

We post pictures of cat(s) in our care to social media sites, if you do not want your cat to be pictured and shared in this way please let us know.

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